About Us

Our Well-Researched Management Strategy is Adapted to Local Markets to Ensure the Best Results for Our Clients

Abe Richman and Alex Markus have opened a Citylets office in Budapest, only three years after establishing their first office in London. The company has an excellent and proven record of success in the residential property sector, both in London and, now, in Budapest.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the Hungarian property market and the fact that we have both English and Hungarian staff allows us to offer an unrivalled, service to all property owners, investors and tenants, irrespective of their country of origin.

Citylets is recognized as one of the Budapest’s most active and respected property management organizations. Since its establishment the firm has realized here, and in London, in excess of 20 million pounds in rental transactions.

The expansion of Citylets and its dominance in the Budapest’s property rental market have been the result of our strong business determination and dedication so we can always act in our clients’ best interest. Starting up Citylets 5 years ago, we perused our own dream of creating a property management company offering 6 star service, not just in London but, also, in Continental Europe.

Citylets is staffed by an experienced team of professionals operating from our London and Budapest offices. Its company's most senior executives, alone, have an average of 25 years' experience in the property management/real estate industry.

This broad and concentrated market experience has also allowed Citylets to develop a valuable network of business contacts that are industry linked and related. As well, these tried and tested businesses can then also provide support to our clients, as may be needed from time to time. Additionally, such contacts assist Citylets initiate and implement superior strategies to secure and assist in maximizing the value opportunities for our clients. Considering the many risks that can face today's property investors, we continually develop our team, refine our systems and upgrade our service standards to be better prepared and able to responsibly manage in such circumstances. More importantly, too, we believe in the business of being human driven and focused, not paper-work and system driven.

We value our clients and business partners, understanding that good working relationships need constant care and consideration. As we move forward and expand we continue to be enthusiastic, optimistic and grateful for your support.

The property investment packages that we offer our clients include:

  • Guaranteed rental schemes for selected managed properties in Budapest
  • Professional property management service for property owners in Budapest
  • Serviced residential accommodation facilities

High rates of investment return have been achieved for clients through our specialist expertise and knowledge of the Hungarian property market. Firstly, knowing the best areas of Budapest in which to invest and then, knowing the best time to do this, will yield optimum financial returns for all our valued clients.

The strong and reliable business foundations that we’ve created have enabled us to increase the value of our clients’ assets to optimum levels, as well as ensuring maximum security for regular returns on their investment.

This personal service and advice is our number one objective and we can assist our clients in areas such as:

  • Sourcing properties in Budapest with the best investment growth potential
  • Guidance in arranging investor property purchase finance, as needed, at the most competitive rates available
  • Refurbishing and renovating the properties owned by our clients

Additionally, for the benefit and support of our international clients, we have also established an excellent, independent, network of quality, English speaking service professionals here in Budapest, specifically:

  • Accountants with expertise in local regulatory tax requirements who will provide accurate and timely advice to both local and foreign investors
  • Lawyers who will provide the most efficient legal support in securing your valued purchase
  • Property Valuers who will, as necessary, provide the independent property valuation report, as may be required for mortgage finance purposes
  • Mortgage consultants who can assist by providing a selection of very competitive range of mortgage finance products.

The team at Citylets assures you that client satisfaction is always their top priority.