Terms of Use and Privacy Statement

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Citylets Ltd. website

Welcome and thankyou for visiting the website (hereinafter "website") of Citylets Ltd. (hereinafter "Citylets"). Please, before using the website or registration read carefully these terms of use and privacy policy (hereinafter collectively “terms of use”). By the use of website or registration you accept all the terms defined in the following statement.

I. The use of the Website

The website contains general information about the activities and employees of Citylets. During the use of the website you have the possibility to register to the website by giving your name, address, e-mail address and phone number as well as to subscribe to the regular Citylets electronic newsletter (hereinafter “Newsletter”) by the registration. With the subscription to the newsletter you agree that you can be informed about the novelties, news and current issues related to Citylets in the newsletter via e-mail. If you do not wish to receive the newsletters anymore you can always unsubscribe for free and without giving reasons by clicking on the subscribing link placed in each newsletter.

II. Privacy Policy

1. Personal data management

With the acceptance of Terms of Use and giving personal data for the registration on the website you agree with that your personal data (name, address, e-mail address, phone number), given at the registration or use of the website, can be stored, managed and processed by Citylets in the database according to the current Hungarian Privacy Policy Law and operation of the website. Citylets does not transmit and make personal data available to third parties.

Citylets ensures data privacy, as well as takes those technical and organizational measures which ensure that the recorded, stored and managed data are protected against unauthorized access, and prevent the destruction, unauthorized access or alteration of data.

2. Duration of data management:

Citylets manages your provided personal data until the withdrawal of consent or at the latest – in the light of data retention obligation - 5 years after the cancellation of your registration. Your consent may always be withdrawn for free by sending an e-mail to info@city-lets.hu which does not influence the access to those services which are not connected to the registration of the Website.

3. Userrights related to data management:

You can always ask for information about the management of your personal data by sending an e-mail to info@city-lets.hu as well as the correction, modification and cancellation of your personal data and protest against data management. If you do not agree with the decision of Citylets regarding to your protest you can appeal to court.

4. The InternetSafety:

The electronic correspondence with Citylets is primarily for information purposes. The security of data broadcasted through the internet cannot be fully guaranteed, therefore the possibility cannot be excluded that the content of the broadcasted electronic messages cannot be accessed or modified by unauthorized persons or the message is not lost, therefore Citylets does not make official commitments by electronic mail, previously agreed upon otherwise  between you and Citylets. Citylets makes all reasonable and required steps to ensure that the provided personal data and the content of correspondence through the website are not available for unauthorized persons.

5. Cookies,log data and other information collected automatically:

Cookies are small text files that are sent to the hard drive of your computer by the website and contain relevant information for the user. For example with the use of cookies you do not have to always give your login information because the browser is able to insert them automatically in the appropriate boxes.

Your internet browser transmits additional data automatically to the Website such as the IP address of your computer (eg.102.316.52.00).

Data collected by the above mentioned technologies cannot be used for identification without providing additional data and Citylets does not connect the additional identification information to the data which are collected by using tracking technologies. The data obtained in this way are only used for easier use of Website services, survey of visitors and forming the website according to the visitor needs.

Ifyour browser program allows, the browser can disable the use of cookies any time in its settings as well as delete the history data stored in your browser that does not affect your access to the Website services.  

III. Websitecontent

1. Copyrights

All the materials placed on the Website and their full text, graphical and musical content, structure and source code of the Website as well as any other intellectual properties are protected by copyrights, trademark rights or other rights. Citylets is exclusively entitled to dispose of these copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual properties. The Website and any of its elements are not allowed to be reproduced in any ways either in whole or in part, including, but not limited to framing or embedding processes. Modification, propagation, public display as well as incorporation into other intellectual property, publication or website and storage in other electronic system of any parts, graphical elements and the whole website are strictly prohibited.

The unauthorized use of materials on the Website may lead to legal consequences, sanctions defined in the copyright and civil and criminal laws, as well as exclusion from the Website.

2. Contents placed on the Website

Data stored/displayed on the Website are only for information purposes. The information on the Website cannot be deemed as professional advice in any case and may never substitute the individual consultations which take the actual circumstances of the case into account. The user makes all decisions based on the information from the website at his own risk. The information shown on the Website does not constitute an offer or acceptance of an order.

Citylets makes every effort to prepare all the information accurate, complete and update on the Website, but it can occur that unauthorized accesses and/or modifications happen – independently from Citylets - on the Website.

Unless the law provides otherwise, Citylets does not assume liability for any injuries or other damages or losses which emerge form or due to inaccuracy, deficiency, ambiguity and lack of actuality of information or placed materials on the Website, and their direct or indirect use, as well as unusable condition, failure, deficiency or possible malfunction of the Website.

Citylets reserves the right to modify or overwrite the content of the Website any time, and expand or change its availability. Citylets can also change the Terms of Use any time which is communicated by a notice placed on the Website.

If you need any advice about a specific issue or you want to be informed about the further information published on the Website, please in each case contact Citylets before making your decision or look for our colleague who is responsible for the actual area of law.

3. References (links)

Some links can be found on the Website showing other websites operated by third parties independently from Citylets.  The placement of these links does not imply that these linked websites are recommended or their contents are warranted or guaranteed by Citylets, therefore Citylets expressly disclaims any liability for these websites and their contents.