Property Rentals and Management in Budapest

The necessity for continually providing all of our investment property owners with quality, reliable and professional services is the reason why Citylets manages a large, management rental, portfolio, which includes a wide range both residential and commercial properties.
Our management team has the years of experience and knowledge required to ensure that we can provide the range of client support services and advice needed to resolve any difficult issues that can, at times, arise, especially in these current challenging times – e.g. financial concerns or situations caused by the changes in legislation and safety requirements that relate to the responsibilities of a landlord’s dealing with their tenants.

We Offer the Best

  • Assuring the suitability and reliability of all prospective tenants via strict reference checks.
  • Attending, as necessary, to any day to day general maintenance needs of the property
  • Collection of rents and dealing with any related disbursements
  • Regular inspection of the property to ensure that it remains secure and in good condition

Practical and Flexible Management

Citylets understands that all clients require an individual approach. For instance, an institutional landlord will require different levels of service compared to, say, an individual investor, family trust, or overseas landlord. Some prefer us to just manage the portfolio and gather income, whilst others require additional support, such as periodic, supplementary, reports and attending meetings. In summary, we provide a range of additional services to focus on each client’s specific needs.

Simply the Best

  • Dedicated and experienced personnel with un-rivalled knowledge and experience in our field
  • Rent collection using fully computerized accounting and management systems
  • Totally flexible management practices tailored to meet individual needs
  • Providing cost effective and practical solutions any property management issues or concerns

A ‘One Stop’ property management shop also provides access to our wide network of related property professionals who can give additional support and advice. This includes, amongst many others, furnishings, renovations, accounting, tax, finance and legal matters.