Citylets Ltd. establishes new Russia Desk

Citylets Ltd. establishes new Russia Desk to support the needs of the growing numbers of Russian and Ukrainian property investors now buying in Hungary.

30th January 2014 – Citylets Ltd., Hungary’s leading property management and rental real estate agency, is stepping up the pace on servicing the fast growing numbers of Russian and Ukrainian investors seeking to purchase property here, by launching their Russia Desk office support team.

The Russia Desk team will be the conduit for all Russian and Ukrainian property investors who must have the best and necessary property information and guidance prior to purchasing. Amongst other support, the team will provide all investors with basic translation of important property information, including details of the best, then, available properties for purchase, their type, features, location, rentable state and their estimated financial return potential.

To coincide with the launch of the Russia Desk, Citylets Ltd has now also established a dedicated Russian language website -

Citylets’ Chief Executive, Alex Markus, said that as the Russian and Ukrainian property investors’ market had grown to such a high level that it was obvious that specialist expertise and services had to be created to support them in ensuring they acquired the best property.

“To effectively service the large influx of buyers from Russian and Ukrainian we felt it was essential to provide a dedicated point of contact, so that we were better able to bridge language and any cultural gaps,” said Mr Markus. “We want to accommodate their needs and provide them with the same level of confidence they would have buying, selling and renting in their own country.

“Ultimately we aim to deliver an additional benefit to our local vendors by streamlining our contact with Russian and Ukrainian buyers who have demonstrated their enthusiasm for Hungarian real estate assets.”

“Our team has, for many years, been proactive in meeting the needs of the growing numbers of Russian and Ukrainian buyer investors, but this also has, understandably, resulted in increased complexity of their inquiries,” said Mr Markus. “Our ethos has always been to deliver client’s a six-star professional service to ensure that we exceed the expectations of all those investors.

“The need to personally confront financial dealings in another language is, understandably, a major hurdle for the majority if foreign investors, but there are also others. For instance, some of those buyers may be in the process of migrating to Hungary and not, then, resident in Hungary. This would make it even harder, or near impossible, for them to be confident when looking to secure a good residence or investment property in Hungary prior, to say, their arrival.”

“The process of transacting property in Hungary is somewhat different to other countries and we want potential buyer investors to feel confident that they are receiving the best possible advice and support. With our extensive knowledge, business experience and dedication in dealing within the Hungarian property market we can assure all of our clients that they will achieve their desired, positive, investment results.”

Mr Markus also said the Russia Desk team would provide similar tailored assistance to Russian and Ukrainian vendors to ensure they are equally comfortable in the selling process.