Citylets wins Mobile website of the week

May 29, 2012 - Budapest – Citylets kft have been awarded Mobile Website of the week on the highly regarded Duda Mobile blog.

Citylets Chief Executive, Alex Markus, said demand for quick, smooth and easy mobile communication had become extremely popular with clients wanting to transact a rental property.

“Our online/mobile advertising is a vitally important as part of our service offering. This ensures that our Customers can now obtain their necessary and reliable information via instant mobile access. So for Citylets to have now been awarded this worldwide award is a very proud moment. I also know that if you have a full-service offering it must be the best, so it’s now obvious that we are well on track to continually provide our Customers with the benefits of the best mobile website communication technology available.”

Mr Markus adds “The culture of Citylets drives us to give 6 star service in all areas of our business, including our advertising/technology mediums, and it is the dedication of our team that has resulted in our top-success online.”

Just visit from your mobile now and you will automatically be redirected to our mobile website