New website launch soon

In recognition of the continuing need to provide business clients with access to the latest and optimum level of on-line web information and services, property management firm Citylets has launched its new website this month.

The timing of this launch, importantly, coincides with the imminent release of Hungary’s first property Apple/Android application, which Citylets is currently placing the finishing touches on. That will provide all new tenants with the benefit of new and improved access to Citylets’ rental properties and related information and services.

With its two language options, Hungarian and English, first time visitors will, additionally, notice the deep purple background on the website’s pages, resulting crisp images of both the letterings and images displayed. The upgraded page formats also allows for easier and intuitive search navigation functionality.

Finally, there is a property related E-Boutique in Hungary, where both tenants and landlords will find the complete and up-to-date list of Citylets’ available rental properties and management services.