We Are Now Mobile

April 5, 2012 - Budapest - Leading property management group, Citylets, has launched Hungary's first property management/rental mobile website.

The new feature is easy to use, fast loading, thumb friendly and gives the prospective tenant a more user friendly way to contact us directly from their mobile device, so they can search for properties online whilst on the move.
"We recognized that the traditional search options for tenants utilizing mobile devices required a tailored made solution" says Chief Executive, Alex Markus. 

"Changes in lifestyle, driven by advances in modern communication technology, affect how we search for properties. That, for instance, is the reason why the days spent searching newspapers or on computer screens at home, or work, for related information is rapidly diminishing." 
In creating this new mobile website in partnership with Mobili(sz)e, City-lets.hu has now progressed from only providing the traditional online web property catalogue option to a more user-friendly, and interactive, mobile solution.

A series of quick links available on the mobile site make it more practical and easier to find and contact us whilst out and about. 
Mr. Markus adds, "With over 90% of our clients using the internet as their main search tool, our focus continues to remain on providing them the best human and customer-centric needs. The improved functionality of the new application provides faster and easier access to information whilst on the move." 
A recent survey of our clients confirms the important role that the internet plays in providing the necessary information

  • 95% of tenants have access to the internet. 
  • 87% of tenants regularly access online content via a mobile device.
  • 70% of tenants first discover the flat they eventually rent via the internet.

We will continue to grow and innovate, and plan to add some great new features later in the year that will make your mobile experience an even better one.

Just visit www.city-lets.hu from your mobile now and you will automatically be redirected to our mobile website